What is most important to us...

At SMI, we are not just here to help you with your roof. Our relationships go much deeper than roofing. We started this business from the ground up because we felt a need to give clients the absolute best service they have ever had with a roofing company. Yes, we will give you a high-quality, clean-looking roof on whatever commercial/industrial building you have, but if that is all we do, then we will never be satisfied. Our heart and our goal is not just to make your building look good or to keep your roof from leaking...instead, our goal is to give a professional assessment of what your needs are, take all the stress off your shoulders, manage all the details, give you top notch service with a smile, and get the job done right the first time so there is no continual hassle involved.

Why do we do it? It's simple...we have a heart to help. If you have ever worked with any roofing company or just a general contractor, you may have discovered that they do not always stand by what they say, or follow through with their promises. At SMI, we are very familiar with the industry, and set out to create a company that is the opposite of that...one that provides our clients with headache-free roofing services, and reliable professionals who get the job done right. 

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